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The new and instant way of getting translation and interpretation directly on the go. Anytime and anywhere!


Language doesn’t have to be a barrier to your new life experiences. Air translator is the new mobile app that instantly connects you to a network of real and quality translators and interpreters. Simply download our app, select the required translation language and the language you speak. Search for a translator that best suits your needs, and get in contact. You can call your translator directly from the app for real time translation and interpretation. You can also send a text in the chat function or even a picture. Simple as that!


Air translator is a cheap and easy to use app with accurate translation and interpretation, whenever and wherever you need it!

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Our network of translators and interpreters from all over the world, is growing every day!

  • 5688 Translators
  • 70 Countries

  • 43 Languages

Hello! Bonjour! Hola!

Meet a few of our great freelance translators and interpreters.

Hej, jeg er Sisse


Salut, je suis Miriam

Hola, soy Juan

Ciao, sono Imane

Hi, I am Dorian

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It doesn’t matter which 2, or 3, or 4, or more languages you speak, as long as you are able to communicate in them smoothly, you should check out Air Translator.

All you would need to:
1. Own a smart phone
2. Be fluent in a second language.


Our freelance translators and interpreters are based in more than 70 countries across the world and currently represent more than 43 languages. Choose the language you speak and the language you need, refine by filters to discover suitable translators, anytime, anywhere.


After downloading Air Translator and filling out your profile with your language skills, you are ready to go. All translators are going through a manual quality check to proof the language skills are of high quality, and all required documentation has been provided.


Look at all of our translators’ profiles with pricing information and read reviews to learn more about previous customers experience. Confirm your request information is correct and send your request, and start real time conversation with your translator within our app!


Customers who need your translation help will want to request your service when they see you online! On Air Translator, you have the option to accept or decline the translation request suiting your expertise or availability. Click on Start to notify your customer when you are ready.


Start to get translation help once your translator has accepted your request! Switch between text and audio messages, send pictures, or start a free call. After the translation session, rate your experience and leave a short review. Reviews are crucial for us to improve your experience and grow as a trusted community.

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